The Automotive Technology Instructors

Our two Auto Tech instructors, John Fortin and Steve Miss, are always busy with students - under the hoods of cars and trucks, supervising computerized diagnostics, monitoring for safety, providing guidance to students doing complex repair work. It is a big responsibility, and the instructors are proud of the many students who have gone on to successful automotive technology careers over the years.


Steve Miss

Technical Instructor

Steve Miss, FCTS Auto Tech instructor has been an ASE Certified Master Technician for over a decade. Steve was raised in Hadley and a vocation high school student himself. Steve worked in all facets of auto repair, from technician to manager, to vocational instructor before opening his own repair facility in  Sunderland in 2005. He operated Amherst Road Service and then Crystal Car Care of Belchertown until he was able to purchase his own building and establish Accurate Automotive Services in Erving.


John Fortin

Technical Instructor

Mr. Fortin has nearly 30 years experience as an Automotive Technology Instructor. He has been with FCTS for 21 years and has been an ASE certified master Auto Technician since 1990. His specialties include automotive electronics, engine theory + rebuilding, and Hi Performance.


FCTS, as the regional vocational high school of Franklin County, does so much more than teach in a lab classroom and simulation environment. Trade programs have large shops filled with the same tools and technologies used by those men and women working in the trades. As a true extension of the classroom, authentic automotive projects are critically important to the learning environment. Occasional projects from municipal and non-profit groups offer hands-on learning to the students. Real world projects truly provide the students with an opportunity to apply what they have learned. Our students thrive on authentic work!


The Automotive Technology Program focuses on all phases of automobile maintenance and repair. Initial experiences begin with preventative maintenance. Emphasis is placed on engine tune-up, brake repair, complete front-end service, and engine repair. Additionally, the program strives to develop strong diagnostic abilities in the students. As skills are developed, students progress to "live" work on customer vehicles. The goal of the program is to expose students to the complete automotive field and provide them with skills to work as qualified apprentices. The curriculum is based on the ASE/NATEF standards, the industry's benchmark.