Career Expo 2017!


The Annual FCTS Career EXPO will take place on November 7, 2017 from 8:20-10:30am.

ALL SENIORS are required to attend this event, and to be dressed in business attire to meet, greet, and question potential employers in the Franklin County area.  This is a shop week.  Shop instructors will be expecting you to be dressed in the appropriate attire for this event.

Additionally, all CO-OP Students, please inform your employers you will be arriving late to work that day.

Frequently asked questions:
What is business attire?  
  • Always Neat and clean
  • Males- button down shirts and Khakis or dress pants, ties and a belt no boots, sneakers, or hats!
  • Females- Appropriate dress pants, nice tops (respectable) or skirts that are no higher than 1 inch above knee.  Shoes can be flats, but heels should not exceed 1 inch (remember you are not going out clubbing)- this is business. Small jewelry-you want the employer to see you and not the bling.
These outfits will be very useful for interviews, as well as your Capstone presentation. This is an opportunity to make your first great  impression on area businesses.
Where do I buy these outfits?
You do not have to spend lots of money to look appropriate. Thrift Stores are great places to obtain outfits for less than $20.  Payless shoes have nice shoes cheap too!
What if I cannot afford an outfit?
If you have extenuating circumstances, please come see Mrs. Young  privately and we will arrange for you have the appropriate attire for the day of the EXPO.  Also, Mrs Young has a box of ties should you need to borrow one.
I have an outfit, but we do not have a washer, how do I get it clean?
Franklin County Technical School has washers and dryers within the building.  If your family does not have access to washer/dryer, please see Mrs. Young to have your outfit laundered.
Any questions? Contact Ms Young:

Raye M. Young, MBA

Cooperative Education Coordinator

(413) 863-9561 ext 239

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