Construction of Home Takes Shape Despite Weather-Related Setbacks


ERVING, MA – Despite the foul weather of the past few months that delayed work, the construction of a house by Franklin County Technical School students and teachers is moving along.


“Progress has been a little slowed by the heavy winter weather and a very wet spring,” said Ken Vautrin, FCTS carpentry instructor. “We’ll have it completely roofed and windows and doors installed by the end of the year. Our goal is to get the house done by the first of the year.”


The 1,300 square foot three bedroom, two bath single-family home is located at 26 Central Street. Construction work will be suspended during the summer and restart when the FCTS students return work. However, an excavator will hook up the sewer and water service over the summer.


Besides the carpentry shop, students from the school’s electrical, landscaping and horticulture, and plumbing and heating programs will participate in the project. FCTS students even designed the house.


The Franklin Technical School Building Society, Inc. was set up to finance the project through Greenfield Savings Bank. The property was purchased for $28,000. The completed house will likely sell for around $150,000. Proceeds from the sale will be used to repay the bank and to finance future home building projects.


Franklin County Technical School students built houses in the area for a number of years, but hadn’t done one in some time, when the school last built a Habitat for Humanity house five years ago. Vautrin said the students involved in the current project wanted the hands-on experience of building a home from the ground up.


Although the location has not been determined yet, FCTS students and teachers will begin work on building another house in September.


“We’ll be starting the other house while we finish this one,” Vautrin said.

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