FCTS Sophomore Wins Beauty School Battles Wedding Competition for 2018


TURNERS FALLS, MA – Although Jordan Hurlbert, a sophomore Cosmetology student at Franklin County Technical School, only started working on an elaborate hairstyle the day before this year’s Beauty School Battles, she still walked away with a top prize.


Students from eight high schools participated in Beauty School Battles, where they wove elaborate and creative hairdos on mannequin heads and entered them into the competition. Beauty School Battles was organized five years ago by the Franklin County Technical School Cosmetology Program. This year’s competition was held at Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School in Palmer.


Students that compete in Beauty School Battles can choose to enter one of two categories, Wedding or Fantasy. Hurlbert, who was among nine students from FCTS to compete this year, won in the Wedding division with an updo she created the day before the competition.


“I looked up updos online to get ideas, but I didn’t see anything I liked,” Hurlbert, who is from Warwick, said. “I came up with my own thing. I didn’t want to do anything traditional. I wanted to do something different.”


An updo is a hairstyle where the hair points upward in an often elaborate style, and is typically associated with formal occasions like weddings.


Hurlbert’s hairstyle included coloring the hair two shades of brown and decorating her creation with small white flowers.


“I did something you don’t typically see,” she said. “I think mine stood out because it wasn’t like anybody else’s.”


Cosmetology teacher Lynn Wiles said Hurlbert is “very detailed and dedicated” in her work, and she has a passion for formal wear, which is a creative type of hairdressing. For the competition, Wiles encouraged Hurlbert to make the hair two different colors.


“I had Jordan lowlight her mannequin to make her hair style look more dimensional,” Wiles said. “Two different colors will stand out more in a dark haired mannequin. It will make the hairstyle pop. It brings out your work better.”


Emily Brownlee, a Cosmetology student from Erving, said Hurlbert takes her time and is very precise when she fashions a hairdo.


“She’s really good at doing all kinds of updos,” she said.


Because of her win, Hurlbert was awarded a curling iron from Rusk, the hair products company, and a cash prize yet to be determined.


“I was surprised that I won,” she said. “I didn’t expect it, especially since it was my first year going to the competition and I’m only a sophomore. It’s a really cool experience and I’ll definitely do it again.”

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