Technical School Players Will Keep You Laughing with “A Night of Comedy with the FCTS Players”


TURNERS FALLS, MA – The Franklin County Technical School Players are set to present two shows this weekend that prove comedy is not a crime.


On March 9th and 10th “A Night of Comedy with the FCTS Players” will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Shea Theater, located at 71 Avenue A in Turners Falls. Tickets are $5 for students and senior citizens and $7 for adults.


Tickets can be reserved at Franklin County Technical School, located at 87 Industrial Boulevard, Turners Falls or by calling Daniel Prasol, the production’s director, at 413-863-9561, ext. 233.


The two productions that FCTS Players will perform are “Good Cop/Bad Cop” by Ian McWethy and Jason Pizzarello and “21 Guaranteed Ways to Get Detention” by McWethy.


In “Good Cop/Bad Cop,” a catastrophic street sign switcheroo has two rookie detectives grilling a motley crew of suspects and witnesses. Everyone from the high school mascot to a guy who may be Super Mario is pumped for information, and while these suspicious characters are combative, ridiculous and downright incompetent, none of them seems guilty. With the clock ticking and their jobs on the line, can this good cop and bad cop collar a suspect before it’s too late?


The plot of “21 Guaranteed Ways to Get Detention,” forbids the principal of McKinley Grove High School and her two new assistants from giving out more than twenty detentions a year. But the student body breaks the rules in such ridiculous ways they might hit the maximum in one day. In this comedy, you’ll meet the world’s most obvious cheater, a ruthless Girl Scout cookie mogul, the captain of the Cat Football League, and many more in this cavalcade of hilariously bad behavior.


Prasol said he chose the two comedies because “they’re fun to do and haven’t been done around here before.”


Raeann Loura, a Collision and Auto Repair student from Turners Falls, plays Ellen in “21 Guaranteed Ways to Get Detention” and Carol Boufant in “Good Cop/Bad Cop.” She said Ellen is the “ruthless Girl Scout cookie mogul.”


“She’s passionate about her cookies,” Loura said.


She said Carol is a “very passionate theater teacher,” who is “very expressive.”


Loura said she enjoys that the plays are comedies. She had performed in “A Christmas Carol” while living in Ashville, North Carolina, and wanted to something less serious.


“I felt that doing something funny would be a nice change of pace,” she said.


Machine Technology student Matthew Huber of Northfield plays the principal in “21 Guaranteed Ways to Get Detention” who has an “undying hatred for one of the students.”


“The new assistant principal doesn’t see what’s wrong with the student,” Huber said. “He thinks he’s a great kid, but the principal can see right through him.”


In “Good Cop/Bad Cop,” Huber plays Mario, who resembles the Super Mario character.


This is the third year Huber has been in an FCTS production after performing in the musical “Oliver” while he was a student at Northfield Elementary School.


Aengus Maloney, from Greenfield, plays Detective Savine in “Good Cop/Bad Cop,” and Rob Gronkowski in “21 Guaranteed Ways to Get Detention.”


“Detective Savine is a no nonsense cop who doesn’t play by the rules and works with Detective May to find out who stole all of the signs in town,” said the Culinary Arts student.


Maloney said his Gronkowski character isn’t the New England Patriots tight end, but the school bully “who doesn’t understand that you can’t solve your problems by fighting.”


This is Maloney’s fourth year in the theater group.


“It’s a fun group of people and a cool extracurricular,” he said. “As we build up to the performances, I get nervous. But, then we do it and its fun and I want to do it again.”

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