Pre-Employment Program Helps Hygenist


“No matter what your disability is, you can still help people in need!”

For the month of March, the Pre-Employment Program (PEP) at the Franklin County Technical School (FCTS) set out to collect 1,000 toothbrushes to help children who do not have one. With the help of classmates, teachers, staff, donations from dental offices and parents from the FCTS community, the PEP Program collected a grand total of 1,617 toothbrushes! This far surpassed our goal and expectations! Students enjoyed the math problems that came along with this project, and they prided themselves on each accomplishment as we progressed to our final toothbrush tally.

Pep and the Toothbrush Challenge

Finally, on April 28th, Heather Lonergan, a dental hygienist from Turners Falls came to the PEP Program to accept the generous donation. Heather told us about her objective to educate people in Ghana about dental care. The PEP students learned about the culture of Africa, and some of the hardships that many people in Africa endure. The PEP program is taking this opportunity to Thank Everyone who donated towards our goal. We could not have gotten there without your support!

Heather Lonergan is a founding member of the Spreading Smiles International. She travels to Ghana Africa every year to clean the teeth of kids and adults who don’t have dental care as a regular option in their lives. For more information on Spreading Smiles International please check out the web site

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