Sports Physicals September 12, 2017 @ 4:00pm.

Our school physician will be conducting sports physicals for any student athlete needing one in order to be eligible to participate in a fall sport.
Pages 1-3 of the Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form in the link below MUST be filled out by the student and student’s parent/guardian.  The student must bring the completed form with them for their physical on September 12th.  If this form is not completed, the physician will not be able to conduct a physical.
Please email or call the school nurse to sign your student up for a physical on the 12th.

Click here to Download Sports PPE form

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  • Dawn

    Hello where can I find the concussion test? You can email me it or send home with Dylan McLaughlin freshman so he can have it done because he’s gonna want to do basketball email thanks

  • FCTS Webmaster

    Click on the line “Click here to Download Sports PPE form” to download the form onto your own computer.

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