Welding and Metal Fabrication Students Gain Important Certifications


The Welding and Metal Fabrication class of 2018 were the first to test on site and earn an American Welding Society D1.1  unlimited position structural steel welding certification.

The class tested for two days 5/16-5/17 the test consisted of 3/8 thick steel steel plates with a 45 degree grove opening,one is welded in the vertical up position and the other is welded in the overhead position. The plates were then cut into strips and bent 180 degrees to inspect for any defects. 8 of the 9 students received this certification.

In addition the majority of the class also completed an AWS SENSE certification. SENSE stands for Schools Excelling through National Skills Standards Education. The AWS SENSE Program is a comprehensive set of minimum standards and guidelines that apply to a multitude of welding processes and materials including Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Having these certifications will give them an impressive resume to present to employers.

Notch Pipe Welding Challenge

In addition, three Welders from the class of 2019 have earned a 1G pipe welding certification from Notch Mechanical Contractors.

 For the past 20 years Notch Mechanical has been hosting the pipe welding competition between schools in MA and CT. This year there were a 101 students that submitted a 6 inch pipe weld sample for visual inspection. The samples are screwtinized by inspectors for imperfections and then narrowed down to approximately 20 samples for a guided bend test. The three members from the class of 2019 were selected and invited down to the companies location in Chicopee MA on 5/23 for the final bend test. All three passed both face and root bends and were awarded a 1G ASME Section 9 pipe welding certification.


The students are (from left to right), James Colby, Sam Trudeau, and Tyler Noyes.

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