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Advanced Manufacturing

General Description

The Advanced Manufacturing Program trains students for a career in precision manufacturing.

Students learn:

  • All aspects of shop safety.
  • About precision measuring with the specialty tools of the trade.
  • How to use all the machines used in a precision manufacturing facility.
  • Tour different facilities around the local area to better understand what interesting variety of jobs are available to them.
  • Learn about the latest in manufacturing technology using CNC automation, and 3D additive manufacturing.

Partnerships with Area Businesses

Students are able to go out on Co-op after obtaining good grades. They get paid while learning alongside industry professionals. There are many companies in our local area, ready to accept our co-op students and graduates. Here is a list of just a few of the companies that work very closely with our school:


  • L.S. Starrett Company
  • Decker Machine
  • Sisson Engineering
  • G.S. Precision
  • VSS Inc.
  • Bete Nozzle
  • Poplar Hill


Advanced Manufacturing is giving our students the edge to succeed in our ever-changing world of precision manufacturing. With these skills they can go anywhere in the world and be in high demand for a great career! Please consider exploring Advanced Manufacturing and get your successful future started now!