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Mission Statement: Context strives to foster a sense of community for all students. It will provide an opportunity for students to express their views concerning current events, cultural arts, and local life in Franklin County and in our nation.
Context the Diversity Group at FCTS

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Goal and Purpose

  1. The goal of Context is self-understanding, learning coping mechanisms and ways to educate others and ourselves, and learning how to comfortably be a part of the larger FCTS community while still valuing our differences.
  2. Our purpose is not just about talking and understanding issues of ethnicity, but also about being present and presenting that context to others. Our ultimate purpose is to establish a presence others can come to, to feel acceptance, understanding,and commonality of experience.

Discussion Topics

  1. The event in Central Park, for discussion
  2. Interview with Christian Cooper about the event
  3. Free Comic: "It's a Bird"

Meeting Schedule (Subject to change)

  • Thursday, October 29th
  • Thursday, November 19th
  • Thursday December 17th
  • Thursday, January 28th
  • Thursday, February 25th
  • Thursday, March 25th
  • Thursday, April 29th
  • Thursday, May 27th
  • Thursday, June 10th (PARTY!)