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The Fins, Feather, Fur Club was established for the purpose of promoting the conservation of fish, game and other natural resources, to practice and teach the highest degree of sportsmanship and to promote safe and proficient use of sporting equipment. We are proud and take great care in passing down ethical hunting traditions and heritage in good sportsmanship, and are committed to strengthening ties with our local community.

We strive to be a family-oriented organization that enjoys local facilities for fishing, hunting, shooting, and socializing. The Fins, Feather, Fur Club has its annual Game Supper fundraiser. What started as a small group of members and their families has now grown to nearly 300 people who support us and come to dine with us each year.

19th Annual Game Supper

October 23rd, 2020

5PM to 7PM Curbside pickup

with live auction to follow at 8PM

All current ticketholders will be honored!

Questions? See Chef Pike at: [email protected]