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    Welcome to Franklin County Technical School!

    Please feel free to explore our website to see important information, and learn all about what FCTS has to offer!

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    Sat. March 17th and Sunday March 18th

    Saturday 10AM to 5PM and Sunday 10:30AM to 5PM. Everybody’s doing it…painting, planting, polishing and planning. Spring fever is in the air!

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    Immediate opening for welding instructor. Must be Chapter 74 Licensed in welding/ Click READ MORE for details,

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    St. Patricks Day Fare: Corned Beef, carrots, parsnips, cabbage and potatoes. Stop in today!

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    Now through March 23rd!

    The Pre‐Employment Program is collectng SOCKS for the Wells Street Shelter in Greenfield, and can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House! Donate Today! Click READ MORE for flyer!

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    Important Message from the Superintendent

    Click READ MORE to download the Massachusetts Task Force Report on School Safety

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    To Prepare Students for Success
    through Technical and Academic Education.

    Click on READ MORE to find out what Franklin County Technical School.

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FCTS is a 4-year, public high school. Anyone can apply for admission.

Since 1976, Franklin County Technical School has provided a valuable combination of technical training and academic education to students from our region. We focus on support and individual instruction in those areas students will need for full, successful lives.

Applications are accepted from March 1st through September 30th. You may connect through a pre-application using the link above!

It is the policy of the Franklin County Technical School not to discriminate on the basis of homeless status, sex, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, transgender, gender identity, creed, color, national origin or disability in its educational programs, activities or employment policies.
The foundational philosophy of the Franklin County Technical School is that all students are capable of academic and technical skills. All students can grow intellectually, socially, ethically and physically. Students learn best in a safe, tolerant and disciplined environment.

It's our task to nurture students into mature, young adults capable of life-long learning and curiosity. We achieve that by providing the professionally trained technical and academic teachers who are accomplished in reaching all students. We focus on support and individual instruction in those areas students will need for full, successful lives.

The basis of all instruction is that enjoyable learning is connected to students’ immediate lives and their working and learning futures. Our programs are designed to mold students into young adults who have extensive training in their technical fields and who have reached levels of competence in their academic disciplines. All of our students are prepared for further educational experience after high school and are provided with cooperative working skills for the workplace.

We're confident that our students will have pride in workmanship, character, commitment to service, and the ethical maturity to perform outstandingly in their community after they graduate from Franklin County Technical School.Since 1976, Franklin County Technical School has provided a valuable combination of technical training and academic education to students from our region. We focus on support and individual instruction in those areas students will need for full, successful lives.
The following statements of goals for the Franklin County Technical School were developed by the Philosophy and Goals Committee and agreed to in the fall of 2003:

• To design and support the development of a comprehensive student portfolio of academic and vocational work as a requirement for graduation.

• To develop and support high academic standards and vocational competencies for all students.

• To provide a school that has a fair discipline system that creates a safe and consistent environment.

• To develop the skills of reasoning, critical thinking and effective communication that will prepare students for constantly changing technical areas. • To provide a technical and academic education which will be limited solely by the desires and capabilities of the individual student.

• To provide programs for educational success: students who achieve success in a particular level of training will be challenged and encouraged to move to a higher level; students who experience difficulty at a particular level will be assisted in finding a level at which they will enjoy initial and continuing success.

• To provide students with professional role models and good work ethics in a technical education setting.

• To create an environment in which students learn to work cooperatively and productively.

• To develop effective professional development strategies for staff.

• To provide opportunities for students to experience success thereby enhancing self-esteem.

• To encourage an awareness and respect for social diversity.

• To provide the opportunity for all students and staff to expand knowledge in the use of technology in diverse applications.

• To provide extra-curricular activities that will further the development of good citizens with high moral character.

• To provide students with a smooth transition to post-secondary education and/ or competitive employment opportunities.

• To provide courses that will allow all students exposure to and an appreciation for language, literature, mathematics, the social and physical sciences and the arts.

• To integrate academic and vocational areas in order to bring relevance across the curriculum.

• To provide vocational, academic and personal counseling, which will enable students to make informed, thoughtful decisions with respect to present and future goals.

• To provide opportunities for students to develop a respect for learning, inquiry, discovery, academic integrity and intellectual accomplishment.

• To promote and encourage attendance patterns that will allow students the ability to benefit from the educational opportunities available and set standards for attendance in a strong work ethic.

• To provide opportunities for students to participate in a cooperative education program to add validity and practical experience to their technical training at Franklin County Technical School.

  • We're a community of educators, craftsmen and support personnel, providing students with necessary skill sets to continue on to college, the work place or a combination of both.

    Richard Martin
  • FCTS is an emerging 21st century technical school district that continues to embed modern-day technologies into all of its academic and vocational programs.

    Shawn Rickan
  • I think the reputation the Tech has in our community speaks for itself: our students' desire to be at this school and engage for a purpose is truly evident to anyone who spends time here.

    John Carey
    Assistant Principal
  • The vocational/ technical model of FCTS allows students to explore at a level not experienced by the population at large, and I’m grateful to be a part of this journey.

    Nate May
    Coordinator of Pupil Personnel Services/Special Education
  • The 13 technical programs at FCTS are taught by industry professionals who are passionate about their trades.

    Jocelyn Croft
    Director of Vocational Curriculum
  • I am so proud of my family who has done extremely well as students and graduates from the wonderful school.

    Carolyn P.
    Parent, via Facebook
  • My daughter was a new student. Despite the busy time of year the guidance staff/ teachers were amazing, very welcoming and accommodating.

    Missy M.
    Parent, via Facebook