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About the Program

The Electrical Program at Franklin County Tech gives students what they need to enter the lucrative and competitive job market as an electrician. It teaches students to work with electricity in a safe manner to provide entry-level skills into a number of career opportunities. The course covers installation and maintenance of equipment for light, heat, and power with emphasis on construction, HVAC, and programmable logic controllers.

Academic Skills Required in the Electrical Program Trade

  • Math (basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry)
  • Science
  • Technical reading
  • Writing
  • People skills
  • Strong work ethic

Future Career Opportunities in Electrical Program

  • Licensed Journeyman Electrician
  • Licensed Master Electrician
  • Electrical Sales
  • Electrical Shop Instructor
  • Photovoltaic Systems Installer
  • Low Voltage Systems Installer
  • Utility Company Worker
  • Manufacturing Electical Specialist

Possible pay that may be expected

Ranges from $8 to $10 per hour on leaving school, $16 to $20 per hour once a license is obtained, and $20 to $30 per hour for a seasoned electrician.