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What is the Career Technical Initiative (CTI)?

This grant-funded opportunity is being made available to support the ongoing economic recovery and growth objectives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These strategic investments are part of the ongoing effort by the Massachusetts Workforce Skills Cabinet (WSC) to scale effective career pathway programs that better position residents who want to be hired into jobs that businesses need to be filled. To learn more about the Career Technical Initiative follow the provided link at the bottom of this page.

Franklin County Technical School is partnering with MassHire to offer two grant-funded programs starting September 26, 2022. Participants in these programs are not required to pay tuition, fees, or materials, so long as they meet income criteria set by the Commonwealth Corporation and the Massachusetts Governor's office. The link below will take you to the MassHire Franklin Hampshire Career Center where you can find more information about these programs and the process of becoming a participant.

Email: [email protected] for more information.

Join us on February 8th from 4-6 pm for an


Our next round of classes starts on March 4, 2024!

We are accepting applicants to the following programs:
This program is part of the Career Technical Initiative of the Commonwealth Corporation.



Electrical Licensure

Hands working with tools

According to the Massachusetts State Board of Electrical Examiners, before you take the licensing exam you must complete:

  • 8000 HOURS OF EMPLOYMENT (approximately 4 years) as an apprentice under the direct supervision of a holder of a MA Class B Journeyman's license and
  • 600 HOURS OF CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION in electrical code and theory from an approved school based on the current National Electrical Code.

There is no set order for the two requirements listed above. For example, you may start working as an electrical apprentice first, or you may start classes first, or do both concurrently. If you do not have any hands-on training, please call our office before you enroll.

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